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What kind of backpack do you bring when you travel?

A big carry-on to max out the airline's size limit? How about a light daypack? Or a laptop bag for your electronics?

We built one that does all that.

Modular design

Storing overhead?

Storing underseat?

Sightseeing? Hiking?

Bringing your gear?

Traveling extra light?

"The ultimate bag for one bag travel trips, with an unparalleled level of multi-functionality."

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The Professional Hobo

Flexible and Organizable

This pack has been great for weekend trips. There is enough room to bring everything for a few days and keep the contents organized. The modularity allows you to bring the smaller bag portion out with you for the day while leaving clothes and other stuff behind in the larger section. It's a great design if you are trying to minimize the amount of bags you need to bring with you.

Jake Kimmet

More features

Removable toiletry kit

Tech organizer

Zippered bottle pocket

Shoulder strap pocket

Front full-height pocket

As Seen In

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